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Wywiad z Tamarą Siemieniuk, jedną z naszch reprezentantek będący częścią artykułu o polskim korfballu.


When did you start playing korfball?
Tamara Siemieniuk: I always like to answer this question and say "I was born with a korfball ball". In 1987 few students (my mother included) went to Holand to learn this sport. In the meantime there was also a camp in Poland conducted by the Dutch. They set up Academy Polish Korfball Federation and that is how it have started. Therefore I can be proud that my mother have brought korfball to our country and have spread it. Due to the fact that she is physical education teacher in my school, I am playing since I was a kid.

What do you think about the level of korfball in Poland?
I think I am too young to compare it throughout these years. What is more, it is hard to talk about it in general. Of course it can always be much better, but in my opinion it is going in very good direction now. Our coach of national team - Roelof Koopmans with the authorities of PZ Korf (Polish Korfball Association) are doing great job to get off the ground it. Suprisingly, the biggest problem in Poland is lack of players. The reason for this is in the amount of coaches and teachers in schools. Accordingly, PZ Korf started to run courses for future PE teachers. We have big country, so I hope we will also do some more for promotion and encouragement.

What could Poland do to improve the level of the national team and to make players better?
First and the most important thing to develop is to raise up the competition. To have players who can take over your place in national team. As I have written before we need a lot of players and coaches. At that time also the Polish league will be at higher level.
Have you ever thought about playing in the Dutch Korfbal League?
As every korfball player - I did. I dreamed. Playing in the Netherlands seemed to me to be barely possible. Nowadays I am getting closer to this aim, thanks to huge support from Roelof - I hope for the best and can't wait.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years when it comes to korfball? Do you have any goals that you want to accomplish in the coming 10 years?
It is very hard question for almost every member in Polish squad. For me too. Obviously I want to stay as long as possible in national team as a player and to achieve the best results in Polish history. Speaking about Holand, I don't want to look too far ahead, because firstly I want to try just one year and then we will see. It is great opportunity from korfball view, but taking into consideration my profession as a nutritionist we will see if I can survive by this in coming year. Additionaly, I have some plans connected to leading korfball as a coach of national team for teenagers - under senior team (U21,U23). This are my "serious" plans for no more than 5 years. Next 5 years I would like to spend as a coach in other countries and be involved in spreading our sport all over the world with my boyfriend.

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